Class & Grade Parents

Thanks for your ongoing support with everything PTA at WAS!! We are looking forward to another super involved year for our kiddos! If you are new to WAS, or need a refresher, here’s a detailed description of the role of our wonderful Class and Grade parents.

If you were a class parent last year, you can still sign up this year, but will only be considered if there are no other volunteers for that particular class. We want to promote new parents each year. Therefore, every other year you can be “officially” considered for class parent. If you were a class parent last year, you can be a grade parent this year, and if you were a grade parent last year, you can be a class parent this year. The goal is to give parents new opportunities each year. However, again, you can submit your name in case a certain class is short volunteers.

Last day to sign up for the class/grade parent lottery is Wednesday, September 11th @ 9pm. Drawing will be on Friday, September 13th @ 8:45am.

Thanks to all our volunteers!