What do class and grade parents do?

Class and grade parents are selected via lottery in September. We will announce when signups go live late summer.


  • First order of business is to collect a nominal $ amount from each student to cover class events/crafts
  • Obtain all student contact information and put into spreadsheet form – distribute to class
  • Use class money to purchase gifts for teachers and aides (holiday, year-end)
  • Take pictures throughout the year of the class and upload to the yearbook site
  • Plan celebrations as indicated by your teacher and coordinate parent volunteers and donations as needed
  • Attend all PTA meetings in order to be up-to-date with school events
  • Maintain a constant dialogue with parents via email concerning upcoming events
  • Assist Grade Parent with grade’s year-end event
  • Organize a simple dessert and homemade card for teacher and class-aide birthdays
  • Assist PTA during Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Depending on the grade (Preschool & Kindergarten have more activities than 1st and 2nd) anticipate a moderate amount of time spent on this position given communication with parents and planning upcoming holidays/events
  • You will be paired with another class parent and will also have the assistance of the grade parent


  • Serves as the liaison between the Class Parents and the PTA – keeps lines of communication open
  • Supply water and snacks for Grade outings
  • Take pictures throughout the year of the class and upload to the yearbook site
  • Recommended to attend PTA meetings to be aware of upcoming school events
  • Plan and organize the year-end event for you grade (Kindergarten Stepping Up, Preschool Field Day, First Grade Ice Cream Social, Second Grade Pizza & Carnival)
  • Assist PTA during Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Support teacher in ongoing school supply donation needs
  • Time spent with this position is not as much as a Class Parent but heavier volunteer hours during the beginning of school (collecting and distribution of class funds) and the end of school (planning the end-of-year event)



  • Please fill out the form for your desired position (class parent/grade parent) and which class (preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade) by Wednesday, September 11th at 9pm.
  • Attend the “Class Parent Lottery” event at school on Friday, September 13th at 8:45am to find out if you are chosen!
  • Feel free to ask any questions at all – [email protected]