Ongoing Opportunities

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Let us know the activities you can help with. For more information on each opportunity, scroll to the bottom of the page.
    coordinate various appreciation days
    Help with monthly after school pretzel sales
    Lead the refreshment table at various events. Coordinate donations.
    Manage National PTA Art program. Submissions due Nov/Dec. Awards presented in Spring. Represent WAS PTA for this National program
    While the event is in the spring, planning takes place all year. Secure sponsors, promote event and day-of support is needed.
    Create yearbook. Solicit photos from class parents and event chairs. Submit exciting events to local print and online press.
    Serve as WAS PTA representative for townwide projects. For example, wreath sale (December) and Scholarship luncheon (spring)
    Rally parent weeders to come out and help with our gardens. Lead any specific Garden Projects. Support Big Dig and Fall Haul and Garden Party
    Work with WAS scout troops to promote their projects and share news.
    Babysit during PTA meetings, orientation, class parent tea, etc.
    Support Media Teacher, re-shelve books
Ongoing Volunteer Roles Details Time commitment
Yearbook/Publicity Draft and coordinate the publication of various WAS events in local press.The yearbook committee takes photos at school events and creates the yearbook, ensuring that each class is well represented 30 minutes, a few times a month. Can all be done from home1-2 hours per yearbook page, picture-taking throughout the year 
Reflections Art Program Serve as the liaison between WAS and the Reflections staff. Once the theme is announced, present and explain it to the students, class by class, to encourage participation and help the children succeed. This could be one or a team of people. 2-3 hours of prep and approximately 1/2 per class. Reflections begins in November. Winners are announced in the spring
Bottle Cap Recycling Coordinate the school’s effort to recycle plastic bottle caps Pick up and send in bottle caps from receptacles in hallways
Bulletin Boards Ensure the PTA bulletin boards (outside main office and at each entry) are current and informative. Coordinate messages with PTA Executive Board E-mail communications throughout the year.  20 minutes a week to physically update the bulletin boards
Grade Parent Lead the class parents and coordinate grade-wide activities (class trips, end-of-year parties). Highly variable, depending on grade and the events planned.
Class Parent Serve as the teacher’s main point of contact in communication to all parents in the class about class events, parties, etc. Help with parties and holidays. Go on class trips. Help plan year-end festivities. (May share with another parent.) 1-2 hours early in the year to compile class list. 1-2 hours on holidays. Class trip is all day.
Market Day Submit orders and work in gym for Market Day pick-up after school once per month 2-3 hours a month
PTC Representative Represent our school with the Parent/Teacher Committee at meetings. Report relevant news back to WAS PTA Approx 2 hour meetings, typically monthly
Scouting Liaisons Share scouting news and announcements with WAS families, encourage and foster enrollment Variable, fewer than 5 hours/year
Gardening Fundraise, communicate and get your hands dirty on behalf of the gardens. Coordinate class planting and Big Dig All parents can help as much/little as they can. Major time commitment for Chair people
Library Volunteers Help keep the library well organized. Shelve books. Depends on number of volunteers. No more than 30 minutes a week
Box Tops Encourage participation, collect and count Box Tops,  track and communicate class rankings, facilitate rewards Approx 1 hour per week
Babysitting Watch younger siblings during PTA meetings or other events. Earn $10/hour Varies
School Store Organize WAS-branded products and sell them at Market Day and other major school events. Order T-shirts at year-end. 1 hour/month
Lunchtime Enrichment During winter months, coordinate classroom enrichment activities for the children during recess when they can not go outside. Varies. Only during winter