School Info

Walnut Avenue School

370 Walnut Avenue

Phone: (908) 709-6253

Absence line: (908) 709-6995  (updated in 2017)

Visit the WAS website for complete school information: WAS Website

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Box Tops for Education

Boxtop Class Rankings  Here are the current standings as of March 2018: Katz and Gormely 279 Cheeka/Wilhelm 203 Field 484 DiFabio and Smutek 458 Niotis 210 Longo AM 319 Longo PM 657 Campbell 590 Schultz: 722 Wagner 748 Wilson 427 Scepkowski 485 Grogan 533 Ritzer 461 Morris 593 Office 243 Here’s more information about the …

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Calendar Info

When it comes to school closings, single sessions, and potential inclement weather, keep these links handy for all the information you need: School Calendar: School Hours, School Closing and Delayed School Opening Information:

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School Lunches

SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM 2017 – 2018 Parents of students attending Walnut Avenue School can place orders on this website: The system allows families to order until 8:00 a.m. each day. Parents can order daily or for the entire month.  

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Suggested School Supply List

Parents often inquire about supplementary supplies teachers recommend for use in the classroom. Following is a list of suggested materials divided by grade level per page 21 of the WAS Parent Handbook: Kindergarten: Sneakers for weekly gym class Smock (an old shirt) for Art/ Crafts activities 1 package of tissues 1 package of napkins Backpack …

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