School Info

Walnut Avenue School

370 Walnut Avenue

Phone: (908) 709-6253

Absence line: (908) 709-6995  (updated in 2017)

Visit the WAS website for complete school information: WAS Website

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Box Tops for Education

Boxtop Class Rankings  We are off to a great start! Here are the current standings: Preschool Katz and Gormely 61 Cheeka/Wilhelm 102 Field 88 Kindergarten DiFabio and Smutek 86 Niotis AM 123 Longo AM 160 Longo PM 161 First Campbell 106 Schultz 95 Wagner 383 Wilson 77 Second Scepkowski 42 Grogan 93 Ritzer 297 Morris …

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Calendar Info

When it comes to school closings, single sessions, and potential inclement weather, keep these links handy for all the information you need: School Calendar: School Hours, School Closing and Delayed School Opening Information:

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School Lunches

SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM 2017 – 2018 Parents of students attending Walnut Avenue School can place orders on this website: The system allows families to order until 8:00 a.m. each day. Parents can order daily or for the entire month.  

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Suggested School Supply List

Parents often inquire about supplementary supplies teachers recommend for use in the classroom. Following is a list of suggested materials divided by grade level per page 21 of the WAS Parent Handbook: Kindergarten: Sneakers for weekly gym class Smock (an old shirt) for Art/ Crafts activities 1 package of tissues 1 package of napkins Backpack …

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