“Wee Deliver” Post Office

Walnut Avenue School’s Valentine’s Day “Wee Deliver” Post office will be operational beginning Thursday, February 1 through Tuesday, February 13.

Students are invited to send Valentine cards to their friends in other classes, teammates, fellow Scouts and Faculty members. Cards may be mailed in the big pink mailbox located in the lobby near the Main Office. In following with the food/allergy policy, no food or candy can be exchanged. If you would like to add a small trinket or non-food item, please attach it securely to the card. Valentine cards will be delivered to the classrooms by our 2nd Grade “Postal Workers” during their recess time. Each classroom will have its own mailbox for the children to exchange Valentine’s with their classmates.

WAS Classes and their Valentine’s Day Address:

  • Mrs. DiFabio – FD K Love Lane
  • Mrs. Longo – AM K – 1 AM Love Lane    ~  Mrs. Longo – PM K – 1 PM Love Lane
  • Mrs. Niotis – AM K – 2 Love Lane
  • Mrs. Smutek – 3 Love Lane
  • Mrs. Schultz – 4 Love Lane
  • Ms. Wagner – 5 Love Lane
  • Mrs. Scepkowski – 6 Cupid Court
  • Ms. Wilson – 7 Cupid Court
  • Ms. Campbell – 8 Cupid Court
  • Ms. Grogan – 9 Cupid Court
  • Mrs. Morris – 10 Cupid Court
  • Mrs. Ritzer – 11 Cupid Court
  • Mrs. Field – AM – 113 AM Darling Drive  ~   Mrs. Field – PM – 113 PM Darling Drive
  • Mrs. Wilhelm – AM – 114 AM Darling Drive  ~  Mrs. Wilhelm – PM – 114 PM Darling Drive
  • Mrs. Katz – AM – 115 AM Darling Drive  ~  Mrs. Katz – PM – 115 PM Darling Drive
  • Mrs. Gormely AM/PM – 116 Darling Drive
  • Main Office – 1 Sweetheart Street  (Main Office – Includes Miss McNally, Mrs. Nieliwocki, Mrs. Santulli, Mrs. Stein, Mr. Ricky, Mr. Jimmy, Mrs. Purcell, Ms. Schafer, Mrs. Palumbo, Mrs. McCarthy, Mrs. Mathison, Mrs. Ferraro, Mrs. Perreault, Mrs. Bielinski, Mrs. Garguilo, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Romano, Mrs. Eckenthal, Ms. Klausner, Mrs. Hamilton-Winn)

*To ensure proper delivery, please be sure to include the recipient’s name and their WAS Valentine’s Day address. Parent Volunteers are needed to help supervise the 2nd Graders with sorting and delivering of mail. If you can help for 45 minutes during the 2nd grade recess time on February 8th, 9th, 12th or 13th, please contact Melissa McKeon at mckeon33@gmail.com. We will let you know what day you child’s class is delivering as we get closer.