Bingo Time

One of the funnest nights of the year is almost upon us….PJ Bingo! Here’s more info and the link to RSVP.


Variety Show Director News

Variety Show Directors Still Needed

We need parents to help with DiFabio Full Day Kindergarten and Wagner 1st Grade!!!!!

The Variety Show Chairs need at least ONE parent in each class to help during the RECESS practices and TWO PARENTS from each class to help with COMMUNICATIONS and during the DRESS REHEARSAL AND NIGHT OF SHOW. Please consider helping and contact [email protected]


Please email [email protected] immediately and let them know your intention for helping with the Variety Show – please indicate if you will be available for the:

  1. Practices
  2. Communications with Parents
  3. Rehearsal Show/Night of Show.

They need to know in what capacity you can help and if you can help with all 3 – please let them know as well … It takes a village!


Variety Show: April 11

The WAS PTA Variety Show Signups are Live! Here’s the link you need to sign up for EVERYTHING:


Questions: Karyn Bradley and Kim Murphy have done a fabulous job creating the sign up above. It explains EVERYTHING from responsibilities for the child, the parent, the directors, and the dads. Please, after reading the letter of explanation, do not hesitate to reach out to them at [email protected] with any questions.

New to WAS? Here’s more info on the Variety Show.


ShopRite for Walnut

ShopRite For My School

Sign up for a great new program from our friends at ShopRite. Simply register your Price Plus card and you can designate Walnut Avenue School to receive Box Tops credit automatically. You probably shop there anyway, why not help out our school while you are there.

Here’s how to get started.


ISO: Pretzel Coordinator

Here’s a fun job we’re looking to fill: Chief Pretzeler and team. The head Pretzel Planner(s) will take care of pretzel sale pick-up and round up a handful of pretzel sale pushers monthly. It’s one of our most popular fundraisers! And it’s not a big time commitment.

Looking to fill the task soon, so sign up today. You can pick up the pretzels yourself, or rotate that job among your volunteers, we just need a point person to make sure it gets done. Thanks!


PTA Minutes & Budget

Would you like to check out the PTA budget? You’ll find it here today and anytime you need to refer to it. Chairing an event? Be sure to check the budget and stick to it!